Hats On 4 Children’s Palliative Care – 11 October 2019

Hats On 4 CPC was initiated by the International Children’s Palliative Care Network (ICPCN) in 2014. They chose the second Friday in October, which this year falls on Friday 11 October 2019, as a day for raising international awareness of the work of children’s hospices and children’s palliative care (CPC) services worldwide. Now in its 6th year, the annual campaign is known as  Hats On 4 Children’s Palliative Care with the hashtag #HatsOn4CPC.

Watch this short video clip below featuring children from Sunflower Children’s Hospice in Bloemfontein in 2017 to learn more about the day.


Who can take part in #HatsOn4CPC?  

Anyone can join in this campaign – we want it to go viral so please help us spread the word.

What is the day about?

The day aims to raise funds for children’s palliative care, but more importantly, to raise awareness of the rights of very sick children with incurable and life-threatening illnesses to receive palliative care.

We know that there are around 1 million children in South Africa who live with a life-limiting illness or condition that will or could drastically shorten their lives.

The handful of services that exist in our country are underfunded and inadequate to meet the overwhelming need. As a result, thousands of South African children have a poor quality of life and suffer from pain and other distressing symptoms which could be controlled and significantly improved with palliative care.

What is Children’s Palliative Care?

Children’s palliative care (CPC) is holistic care that responds to the physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs of a child with a life-threatening or life-limiting illness as well as providing care for the child’s family. It can and should be provided alongside curative care and aims to provide expert pain relief and symptom control as well as emotional, social and spiritual support required to enable children to enjoy the best possible quality of life. When necessary, it supports the child at the end of life and continues to care for the bereaved family for as long as is needed. This care is provided by a compassionate team of people who all wear different, and sometimes many, hats!

How do I take part in the #HatsOn4CPC Campaign?

Hats On for CPC is an excellent way to raise awareness and funds for children’s hospices and palliative care services. You can get involved in various levels as:

  • An individual
  • A school or business
  • A children’s palliative care service or NGO

Get involved as an individual

  1. Wear a hat on Friday 11 October
  2. Take a photo of yourself in the hat and post it to social media. Tag us @PatchSA and use the hashtag #HatsOn4CPC
  3. Donate R10 or more to PatchSA or a children’s palliative care service of your choice.

You could also:

  • Get your friends together and host your very own Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, share photos on social media and tag @PatchSA. Use the hashtag #HatsOn4CPC
  • Hold a hat making/hat wearing competition with prizes for the winners in different categories, such as most elegant hat, funniest hat, tallest hat, etc.
  • Have a ‘Funky Hat Day’ at your work or school.

Get involved as a school, college class or company

  1. Wear a hat to school, college or work on Friday 11 October
  2. Take a photo of all of you with the hat on and post it to your social media. Tag us @PatchSA and use the hashtag #HatsOn4CPC
  3. Donate R10 or more to PatchSA or a children’s palliative care service of your choice.

Get involved as a CPC service or NGO

Hats On 4 CPC is a wonderful way to raise funds for your charity. To do so follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Encourage your community (schools, businesses and other organisations) to support your organisation by wearing a hat on Friday 11 October and/or holding a Hats On for CPC event to raise funds for your organisation.
  2. Share your photos on social media with #HatsOn4CPC and tag PatchSA.

You’ve collected donations – now what?

Money collected can be donated to PatchSA or to a children’s hospice or palliative care programme in your community.

You can donate here to PatchSA through EFT

Or you can donate using Zapper and Snapscan below.











Download these Resources for Hats On 4 CPC

A3 Poster for Hats On for PatchSA