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PatchSA welcomes any families, caregivers and child-caring professionals including paediatricians, GPs, nurses, social workers, allied health practitioners, psychologists, counsellors, teachers and clergy to join us.

Choose from our Membership packages:

  • Paying members benefit from a 10% reduced fee when attending PatchSA workshops/seminars;
  • The right to vote for new Board members after one full year of membership;
  • The right to stand for Board membership or to nominate a Board member after three full years of membership;
  • The opportunity to participate in PatchSA subgroups;
  • Access to expertise and discussion groups.
  • Our monthly newsletters, with information about upcoming events across SA as well as useful articles about illness and palliative care;
  • Share experiences and practical tips with other families in similar situations;
  • Locate regionally-based, professional support through a national database of service providers;
  • Regional seminars and workshops;
  • An organisation that advocates for our children

Family and Caregiver Membership

Free to Join

If you are a parent or other family member or caregiver of a child or young person who might not reach adulthood, you can join PatchSA, and help promote the cause of children’s palliative care in South Africa.

Families and caregivers can sign up for free, but should you wish to make a donation, we would greatly appreciate it.

Benefits of Family Membership include:

  • Your name listed on the website (if you wish) recognising you as an individual who aligns themselves with the development of Paediatric Palliative Care in South Africa;
  • A membership number;
  • the right to vote for a Board member after one full year of membership;
  • the right to stand for the Board after 3 years  membership;
  • and the right to nominate a Board member after 3 years membership;
  • regular newsletters;
  • opportunity to participate in PatchSA subgroups;
  • Opportunities to apply for any PatchSA bursaries or learning opportunities that may arise;
  • Access to family discussion groups.

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Community Member

R100 Fee

A community member can be anyone who is committed to promoting the understanding and awareness of children’s palliative care in South Africa. This includes hospice volunteers, community caregivers, students, pensioners – anyone who is interested and wishes to get involved.

Community members benefit from everything in the Family and Caregiver Memberships PLUS:

  • 10% fee reduction when attending PatchSA workshops or seminars;
  • The ability to increase your understanding through attending workshops and talks;
  • Meeting a network of like-minded individuals;
  • Helping to promote the cause of children’s palliative care in South Africa


Corporate Members:  R1000

Organisations: R500

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Healthcare Professional Membership

Doctors & Specialists: R300 Fee

All other healthcare professionals: R200 Fee

Healthcare professionals (doctors, nurses, allied therapists) benefit from Community Memberships PLUS:

  • Information and resources relating to children’s palliative care;
  • Newsletters and briefings;
  • Regular updates on upcoming palliative care events worldwide but especially in South Africa;
  • Access to professional discussion groups on topics related to children’s palliative care;
  • Networking with a wide range of other professionals in SA.

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