Conference Speaker Nomination Form

We invite you to nominate a person/persons that you believe would be relevant, engaging and competent speakers for one of the 13 plenary sessions at the conference to take place at the Vineyard Hotel in Cape Town from 23 – 26 April 2023.

Please bear in mind that the overall conference theme is “Palliative Care is Everyone’s Business” with the 3 sub-themes being:

  • Inclusive
  • Relevant
  • Sustainable

Please fill in the form below and submit.

Conference Speaker Nomination Form

Name of plenary speaker you wish to nominate for the conference(Required)
Have you personally heard your nominee speak and can attest that they are an interesting speaker?(Required)
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Which age group does your nominee work with? (You can choose more than one)(Required)
Do you believe your nominee would be willing and available to speak at our conference?(Required)