RSVP for PatchSA AGM

Our AGM will be held on Tuesday 20 June @ 19h00 via Zoom

PatchSA announces that the organisation’s Annual General Meeting for 2023 will take place on Tuesday 20 June, starting at 19h00. All paid up members of PatchSA are invited and encouraged to attend this AGM which will be held via Zoom. If you have not as yet paid your annual fees, you can do so here.

Read and download the following documents:

Minutes of previous AGM

Minutes of the PatchSA AGM held on 27 June 2022


Patch Budget 1 January 2023 to7 June 2023 statement 120

2022 PatchSA Audited Financial Statement_signed


Resolution to appoint Mlulami Nxele to the Patch Board Final signed

Resolution to appoint Samantha Govender to the Patch Board Final signed

Resolution to transfer assets from VA to NPC PatchSA signed


Chairpersons report for AGM PatchSA 2023

Treasurer report for Patch AGM to be held 20 June 2023

Education and Training report for PatchSA AGM

Programme & Communications Manager Report for 2023 AGM


  1. Welcome by the Chair
  2. Apologies
  3. Review and approval of the previous AGM minutes
  4. Matters arising from the previous minutes
  5. Presentation of reports:
    1. Chairperson’s report
    2. Communications & Programme Management report
    3. Education and Training report
    4. Advocacy report
    5. Treasurer’s report
  6. Acceptance of Treasurer’s report
  7. Acceptance of audited accounts for December 2022
  8. Appointment of auditors for 2023
  9. Resignations, nominations and confirmation of new board members
  10. New Governance Structure for PatchSA
  11. Date of next meeting

Please register for the Zoom meeting using the link below. Zoom will then send you the link to join the meeting.