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Checklist for Going Home from Paediatric / Neonatal ICU

This document from Footprints for Sam, provides a detailed checklist useful for families and healthcare providers to ensure that everything necessary is in place when a child with a chronic illness or condition is released from the hospital to be taken home.

Download the checklist: Going Home Checklist from paediatric ICU – Footprints for Sam

MedPal-CNN An easy-to-use educational mobile app

MedPal-CNN is an easy-to-use, educational mobile app designed to teach healthcare professionals about paedaitric pallaitive care and link them with existing evidence-based recommendations.

The app is available for Android and iOS devices in English and Spanish.

Learn more and download the app:

No Secrets – Helping families and carers talk to children about life-limiting illness

This booklet is based on research evidence from around the world and from Malawi on talking to children with life-limiting diseases, together with experience of working in a children’s palA Practical Guide to helping others deal with Traumaut your child? A guide to support families of children with complex needs and the professionals who care for them.

This guide is aimed at helping parents and professionals understand what life is like caring for a child with health complications, disabilities and uncertain futures. It has been written by a group of professionals and parents in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the United Kingdom

Download the book: Guide-to-Support-Families-of-Children-with-Complex-Needs

A Parent’s Guide to Your Child’s Eating and Drinking at End of Life

It can be difficult and distressing for parents to see their child change as their conditions worsens. This guide is designed to help them and their child tackle some of the most common symptoms at the end of life, particularly those associated with feeding and drinking.

Download the guide here: End of life Feeding


A Practical Guide for Dealing with Trauma

This pamphlet which has been created for Umduduzi Hospice Care for Children gives dos and don’ts for friends and family of those suffering through, pain, loss or trauma.

Download the pamphlet here:  A Practical Guide for Dealing with Trauma