Comprehensive Bereavement Guides

Ten things grieving children want you to know

Written by: Pamela Gabbay, M.A., FT
The Mourning Star Center for Grieving Children and Teens

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Pre-Bereavement and Bereavement

Chapter 14: Children’s Palliative Care in Africa
Edited by Dr Justin Amery

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Talking to children about dying

Dying Matters

Information to help children understand death

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Bereavement Debriefing Sessions: An intervention to support health care professionals in managing their grief after the death of a patient

Elizabeth Keene, Nancy Hutton, Barbara Hall, Cynda Rushton

Caring for children with life threatening conditions can have a profound effect on health care professionals. Without the ability to manage one’s grief in response to the death of a patient, health care professionals may experience physical, emotional, cognitive, behavior, or spiritual distress, which could have implications for their professional practice (Behnke, Reiss, Neimeyer, & Bandstra, 1987; Davies, 1996; Papadatou, 2000).

Download the PDF: Bereavement Debriefing Sessions Research -Keene 2012

Lessons from a Rainbow Unicorn – A Real Life Story of a Father’s Loss

Author: Fred Platt

In his first book Lessons from a Rainbow Unicorn  –  A real life story of a father’s loss Fred has written a searingly honest account of  his fifteen and half month ‘life-changing experience’ as Sam’s father here on earth. A period in his life when he learnt that there was more to life than business and being successful.  A time that ended with a rainbow unicorn.

Now, years after Sam’s death, Fred feels able to reflect on the blessing of being with Sam and the wisdom and lessons that Sam imparted to him and so many others through his life.  He writes, ‘I learnt so much sitting at the side of his bed and simply holding his hand.’

The book’s ISBN number is 978-0-6207949-2-3. South African readers can find the book at Exclusive Books, CNA at the airports, Adams Bookstores, Uppercase Books, Rainbow Academic, Skoobs, and Bargain Books. The book can also be ordered here for Kindle through Amazon.


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Khululeka Grief Support

Khululeka Grief Support focuses on bereavement support for bereaved children and adolescents. This support is provided through the delivery of two programmes: grief and loss support groups for children and adolescents; and adult training, on recognition and support of bereaved children  and adolescents, for professionals, para-professionals and community volunteers in the South African child sector.

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The Compassionate Friends

The Compassionate Friends is a South African mutual self-help organisation offering friendship and understanding to bereaved parents, siblings and grandparents. Their website provides information about the support they offer, as well as resources you may find helpful.

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How to support someone who has lost a baby

Many people who’ve lost a baby say they never truly get over it. Ever. A part of them will remain forever empty. Even future babies, if they come along, will never fill that gap.

The Awareness Centre website provides excellent insight and advice on supporting someone through the loss of a baby.

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