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Palliative Care for Children South Africa (PatchSA) is an inclusive network advocating for and providing referrals, information, tools, resources, education and training in children’s palliative care to ensure the best possible holistic and compassionate care for children with life-threatening and life-limiting illnesses and support for their family members and carers.

A registered non-profit organisation. NPO no: 294-070;

And a Public Benefit Organisation. PBO no: 930047744

Leading on Paediatric Palliative Care in South Africa by Supporting Communities, Families & Healthcare Providers

PatchSA welcomes any families, lay caregivers and child-caring professional including paediatricians, GPs, nurses, social workers, allied health practitioners, psychologists, teachers, clergy etc to join the network.



PatchSA supports families and caregivers by providing a national referral network, offering relevant information and resources, and sharing the stories of others who have had relatable experiences and travelled similar journeys.

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PatchSA encourages the broader community to support seriously ill children, their families and the professionals who care for them by raising awareness of children’s palliative care, providing information and offering free resources.



PatchSA supports healthcare providers caring for children with palliative care needs through the development of resources, the provision of relevant education and training and by advocating to decision makers at a national level for the provision of palliative care for children.

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Help us help children with life-threatening and non-curable illnesses, and their families, to have the best quality life possible.

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Become a member. PatchSA welcomes family members, caregivers, child-caring and healthcare professionals to join the network.


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Learn online through the Patch Academy

Patch Academy is the education branch of PatchSA. It is an online learning platform created as an educational resource for all members of the multidisciplinary palliative care team providing care to babies, toddlers, children and young adults with life-threatening and life-limiting illnesses and conditions and to their families. All Patch Academy courses are CPD accredited through the Colleges of Medicine of South Africa (CMSA) with General and Ethics CPD points. Try our FREE course Introducing Children’s Palliative Care and earn 5 General CEU’s.

Perinatal Palliative Care: A guide to supporting families when a baby is at high risk of dying before or shortly after birth is a useful and easy to read guide on the key elements of perinatal palliative care written for midwives, nurses, doctors, social workers and anyone who provides care for families when a baby is diagnosed with a life-limiting condition in pregnancy or soon after delivery. The book can also be read for free online on the Bettercare website.

Palliative Care for Children: A guide for improving the quality of life of patients and their families is a useful and easy to read guide on the key elements of children’s palliative care written for doctors, nurses, social workers, psychologists, counsellors, spiritual leaders, teachers, therapists and anyone who interacts with and provides care for seriously ill children. The book can also be read for free online on the Bettercare website.

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PatchSA is the only national organisation providing strategic support to healthcare professionals, allied healthcare practitioners and parents and lay caregivers in South Africa. Our diverse membership represents those who provide palliative care services to children around the country and we do our best to keep you up to date on what is happening in the field both within our borders and internationally. Read our latest news and stories and subscribe to our monthly newsletter if you want to be kept informed.

Find a children’s palliative care provider in South Africa

There are several services in South Africa dedicated to providing palliative care to children but these are inadequate to meet the growing need for paediatric palliative care provision on all levels. A number of predominantly adult hospices also have staff equipped and trained to provide hospice and palliative care services to babies, toddlers, children and adolescents. We have conveniently mapped and listed the names of all services who can provide palliative care to children along with their relevant contact details.