The Lambano Sanctuary Hospice/Sub-Acute Facility is based in Germiston in Gauteng and is accredited by the Hospice Palliative Care Association of SA (HPCA).

The Hospice/Sub Acute Facility offers the following services:

  • 16 Bed in patient unit
  • Admit patients from ages 0 – 18 years
  • Multi-disciplinary team approach – Doctor, Registered Nurse, Enrolled Nurses, Auxiliary Nurses, Caregivers, Cooks, Cleaners and Auxiliary services
  • Admission to our facility is an average stay is of 1 to 3 months and only referrals from Doctors and medical facilities will be accepted
  • We admit children with life limiting or life threatening illnesses such as cancer, renal, cardiac, brain damage, burns, muscular dystrophy and respiratory problems
  • We specialise in complicated cases of HIV/AIDS & TB and children who default on their medication and have a good success in discharging these patients back to their families when they are well
  • Patient and Family Counselling
  • Spiritual Support
  • Assistance with Social grants, Births Certificates and ID’s
  • Educate all children and families of HIV & TB
  • Educate all children and families on adherence issues
  • Home Based Care for our patients that have been discharged home – they are visited according to risk factors e.g. have they previously defaulted taking their medication
  • Referral and retention of patients ensured through careful monitoring
  • Referral to other facilities and resources if necessary

Through quality care, treatment and compassionate, loving support, the lives of many of these children can be improved to a level where they can then be discharged back to their families. The success they have in discharging the majority of their patients to the fact that they micro manage their patients and will go to exceptional lengths to secure the best medical treatment for their children. Through this ethos they have also been able to build up a good relationship with the public medical services as well as securing a pool of private doctors and hospitals who provide services at a significantly reduced rate or pro-bono.

How can you help? Lambano is a non-profit organisation and is dependent on sponsorship and donations to cover their operational costs. Lambano Sanctuary Hospice have several fundraising initiatives and suggestions on how the public can assist their organisation. Please visit their website for the latest updates and information on how you could assist them.

For more information about Lambano Sanctuary Hospice, please visit their website or contact them at (011) 615 3307 or