Paedspal Paediatric Palliative Care in collaboration with PatchSA held an Advance Care Planning Workshop on 6 December 2016 for anyone working in children’s palliative care. Speakers included Dr Hal Siden of Canuck Place Hospice, and British Columbia Hospital, Canada, Dr Michelle Meiring (Paedspal and PatchSA).


Prof Hal Siden

Although it was a difficult time of year, there was active participation and a highlight was the interview conducted by Dr Meiring with the parents of the late Jesse Steele, Aimee Kinsley and Derek Steele.  The parents spoke about their son and the journey they walked with him, and how an advance care plan had helped them cope with the challenges of their daily lives.


Michelle Meiring, Aimee Kinsley, Derek Steele, Di Burger (counsellor)

After the interview, attendees could work in groups, creating actual advance care plans for a chosen patient.  It was a very practical and useful workshop, and we hope that a similar workshop will be held in other centres in South Africa in 2017.