The International Children’s Palliative Care Network (ICPCN) has developed an app that helps assess and record acute and chronic pain in children.

The ICPCN Pain Assessment Tool for children is free to download on both Apple and Android smartphones.

The need to assess pain in children

Research shows that there is an under assessment of pain in children.  The ICPCN Pain Assessment Tool provides the option of a faces, numeric or hand pain scale to use with children from between 3 years of age upwards and records the child’s responses to allow monitoring of the type and level of pain the child is experiencing. The app has the following features:
  • Immediate accessibility – it is a ‘pain scale in your pocket’.
  • The app is universally relevant to children of all races and cultures.
  • It provides an intuitive, child friendly and interactive pain scale.
  • The App tracks and measures the child’s pain type and levels over an extended period of time.
Watch and listen to the testimony of Patch Youth Ambassador, Huyaam Samuels on the usefulness of this tool.

How can you access the ICPCN Pain Assessment Tool App?

The ICPCN Pain Assessment Tool App is free to download from the Apple iStore and Google Play Store. Open the relevant store on your phone / tablet and type in ‘ICPCN Pain Assessment Tool’. Download and start using the app.