PatchSA (Palliative Treatment for Children South Africa) wishes to express our very deepest sympathy for the families, close friends and fellow learners of the two young teenage boys, Enoch Mpianzi and Keamohetsoe Seboko, who died in separate drowning incidents at the beginning of this school year.

In addition to our deep sorrow and compassion for the parents and other family members coping with their devastating loss, we are extremely concerned about the lasting effects of the trauma on the close friends and fellow learners of Enoch and Keamohetsoe.

We call upon the Departments of Education and Health to do everything within their power to ensure that these vulnerable children are provided with the psychological counselling and support that they will need going forward, for as long as this may be necessary.

PatchSA and the children’s palliative care services we represent are more than willing to work alongside these government agencies to give expert advice on how to assist and support grieving children.

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