21 May 2021

We are thrilled to be working in collaboration with palliative care organisations around the country on a new campaign to highlight personal stories and ‘aha moments’ about palliative care within our borders.

Who is running the campaign?

The Palliative Care Action Group [PCAG], a group of like-minded stakeholders in South African have joined forces to raise awareness about palliative care and accelerate access to this essential service. 

Why run the campaign?

One powerful way to raise awareness is by profiling the voices and faces  of  members of the Palliative Care multidisciplinary teams, the patients they treat and the families who share the burden of a life-threatening illness. Within each patient’s MDT, there are many unique, insightful and engaging stories that can and should be widely shared. The idea for the Voices for Palliative Care campaign arose out of a need to dispel so many myths, taboos and fears around the words ‘hospice’ and ‘pallaitive care’ among members of  the general public as well as many people who work within our healthcare system.

Whose stories will the campaign be telling?

Anyone’s pallaitive care story and/or ‘aha moment’! Whether you are a patient (of any age), a parent or family member of a patient, a doctor, nurse, social worker, therapist, or any other person who has a story to tell of how they came to understand the true meaning of palliative care.

Watch the first 5 minutes of this YouTube video where our Chair, Dr Michelle Meiring, describes her own children’s palliative care ‘aha moment’ to an audience in Rome.

How should we tell our story?

You can tell your story in any way that you feel comfortable with. That could include:

  • Image and text sent via WhatsApp to 0823744632 or emailed to info@patchsa.org
  • WhatsApp voice note and image sent to 0823744632
  • Short video clip sent via WhatsApp to 0823744632 or emailed to info@patchsa.org

See below the few simple guidelines for you to follow.

The script

Would you be willing to share your Palliative Care story with us? What makes you so passionate about Palliative Care? What was your palliative care ‘aha’ moment?

The format is quick and easy.  You can send us a photograph with a short paragraph explaining the story or even easier still a voice note or video.  Each recorded story should not be no longer than 90 seconds please and ideally expressed in your home language!


 Hi, my name is. ________________________________________________

[for health care workers] I work at ____________ as a ________________

This is MY Palliative Care story [the reason you are SO passionate about] palliative care. 

Please keep it short & sweet [no longer than 90 seconds]. PatchSA and our partner organisations will be sharing some of the stories on social media to continue to raise our Palliative Care Voice.